Do we really have to be a team?

Is my team a team?

What are the colors of our flag?

How far do we trust each other?

Where is our “rhino head”?

Do we know what we do when we do it?

How do we know when we fail?

Unthinkable or impossible?

What would our path to the graveyard look like?

How do we create our own conflicts?

When was the last time we danced around the campfire?

Sokrates for the team

Whether it is a diverse or geographically spread group, individuals focused on common objectives, or a unit set up for the needs of a specific project, the notion of team covers multiple realities.

We are convinced that a team is not monolithic: its raison d’être, stakes, mission, or form evolve over time.

That is why a single paradigm cannot inspire team coaching, and even less can it be limited to a “methodology” that would systematically apply.

Because each team is unique, each team coaching is unique.

SOKRATES - For the team