How can I successfully fail in my new role?

Am I navigating with the correct map?

Do I play my best cards?

Am I an influencer?

Are my clients my true clients?

Who is with me?

What are my next moves?

What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?

Tactician or strategist?

Head first or heart first?

What will be my legacy?

Sokrates for the individual

Our practice is based on the premise that everyone has the inner resources to overcome pitfalls and achieve their objectives.

We dare to challenge and even confront the beliefs, to unveil the unsaid or the unconscious, bring awareness, and set the ground for responsible thoughts and actions.

That is how we help people unveil their full potential and create their own performance dynamics profoundly and sustainably.

SOKRATES - For the individual

Our one-on-one coachings generally consist of about ten sessions and are preferably held at Sokrates’ offices.

Sessions are scheduled approximately every 3 to 4 weeks and last an average of two hours.

They are facilitated by an experienced, certified, and regularly supervised coach.

Sokrates also offers shorter or longer coaching formats, depending on the client’s needs.

Yang-Yin Coaching

For our clients who wish to benefit within the same coaching from the support of two coaches with different but complementary sensibilities and postures, we have created “Yang-Yin Coaching.”

Yang-Yin Coaching is an original approach that consists of alternating sessions led by a female coach and a male coach, according to the specific needs of each client.

Bound by the same rules guaranteeing the strict confidentiality of the content of the sessions with respect to third parties, the coaches exchange and coordinate their strategies throughout the coaching process in complete transparency with the coachee.