SOKRATES Executive Coaching

Sokrates Coaching brings together qualified and experienced professionals who provide business executives with Coaching services in challenging contexts.

Our approach is based on the principle that each person has the inner positive and effective energy needed to identify solutions to problems and achieve objectives.

"Realizing the existing potential" is our core philosophy. Neither psychotherapy nor a consultancy approach, the Coaching we propose is a structuring process designed to bring out the success dynamics for an individual, a team or an organization.

Principles & methods

Coaching is the customized support given to an executive or a manager.

It meets a demand for clarification, analysis and resolution of challenging situations.

Structured as a series of face-to-face interviewes (usually about ten sessions), the purpose of coaching consists in mobilizing inner resources dealing with "know-hows" and "behaviors" with a view to achieving one or more objectives.

Benefits of Coaching: Alignment and Performance

  • Coaching helps the individuals make contact with their areas of excellence and achive their potential; it has a positive impact on the organization's productivity and efficiency.
  • Coaching enables people develop their relational skills and communicate eloquently and effectively; it helps prevent and overcome potential conflicts.
  • Coaching reinforces self-confidence; it helps create and maintain a proactive and innovating state of mind.

A Stringent Framework

Regarding ethics:

  • The Client company usually invests in Coaching but it is important that the coachee is genuinely "client for change".
  • The content of the sessions remains confidential.
  • The coach has undergone specific and rigorous training; he/she has as well carried out an in-depth self-development work.
  • His/her practice is regularly and continuously monitored by supervisors.

In terms of format:

  • Coaching is covered by a contract that details the context of the approach, the objectives and the logistics of the sessions.
  • The sessions usually take place away from the workplace; lasting approximately two hours, they are held at regular intervals (every two or threee weeks).
  • To be effective, Coaching requires real commitment by those involved and especially regular attendance.


Coaching for the Individual

New Position

  • Change of the scale of the team or new perimeter
  • Change of the mission statements: from expertise to general management
  • Driving a turnaround with a given/historic executive committee
  • Expatriation
  • Integrating a foreign employee
  • Integrating a new arrival as the result of an outsourced recruitment

Leadership Development

  • The manager attitude: understanding and managing hierarchical levels (L+1, L-1) and internal transactions
  • Acquiring or developing a specific set of skills and know-hows in order to be prepared for a short or medium term change
  • Communicating with impact

Resolution: Addressing Managerial Issues

  • Managing tense social relations or complex political situations
  • Drawing a line under an open or latent conflict
  • Reconstructing a negative or nonexistent image
  • Resolving a delegation or a time/priority management issue
  • Working on specific points for improvement identified after an assessment process ("Coaching 720©")

Career Orientation and Outplacement

  • Voluntary redundancy: building and setting up a new professionnal challenge
  • Identifying and preparing the next step whitin the organization ("Ataraxia©")
  • Managing the come back of an expatriate or an employee who has been on extended leave (maternity leave, sickness leave, sabbatical year, etc. - "Ataraxia©")
  • Seniors : preparing a person's life project before he/she takes retirement ("Coaching 55©")
  • Outplacement : AVISO

Executive Support

Regular work on the alignment Organization – Competitive Environment – Strategy – Communication.

Coaching for the Team


Accelerating the integration of a team that has been recently formed or restructured:

  • Bringing to light identity and values
  • Reassessing the strategy and defining priorities
  • Setting up operating rules, distributing roles and engaging into action


Increasing bonding for a better performance ("Team Evolution©"):

  • Clarifying or renewing the Vision, working on the Identity, the Values and the Mission statements
  • Identifying successful states of mind and processes
  • Sustaining and strengthening the "Performance Dynamics"


Managing organizational or market changes: strategic reorientation, new business model, turnaround, takeover, technological breakthrough, etc.:

  • Leading « krisis » communication
  • Bonding Management together
  • Mobilizing teams


Resolving crisis, conflicts or dysfunctions affecting the team.

Coaching for the Organization

French labor relations stratagic management


Conception and Deployment of Mentoring Programs

  • Accelerating the newly recruited (“mentees”) integration within the organization (familiarizing with corporate culture, clearing up the “organization behind the chart”, etc.)
  • Developing the management capabilities and leadership of key-managers and high potentials (“mentors”)
  • Facilitating the sharing of know-hows and best practices


Our coaches share a same view on Coaching, based on the following principles:


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Vincent Legros

  • MA in Economics & Management (ESCP - Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris)
  • MA in Political Sciences ("Sciences Po")
  • INSEAD Coaching Certificate
  • HEC - CESA Coaching Certified
  • IFOD - Strategic Coaching Certified
  • EcoSport Certified
  • Trained in Systemic Strategic Approach (Institut Gregory Bateson - Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto Certified)
  • Ericksonian Communication practitioner (Institut Gregory Bateson - Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto Certified)
  • Trained in the Apter Reversal Theory (personality and motivation)
  • MBTI Practitioner Certificate (Apt Chicago)
  • EFT practitioner
  • HEC Paris Executive Coaching training programs Faculty member


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75007 Paris, France

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